Why John LaPerch?

Who is John LaPerch?
Director of Online Marketing & Social Media

Proven digital marketing leader; a hands-on creative who not only provides strategic direction and oversees all digital marketing channels (website, email, digital ads, social, etc.) but does the work as well. A digital native who has consistently produced in real measurable terms, often producing results that far exceeded previous efforts.

I always find it odd that I struggle somewhat telling the story of who I am and how I can benefit an organization when filling out an application or creating my resume.  Odd, because this is what I do so well for others..be it person, a business, or a school.

Maybe it's because my work is different from others.  I have a great knack for investing myself in the culture of a new job and learning what is important for the world to know about them and turning that into marketable material across multiple channels.  The good news?  I get old-fashioned, measurable results....whether it's an Adwords campaign, a microsite or any all social channels, I have a history of getting great results.

I love to show people how my passions can help them succeed online.


Skills & Accomplishments

Professional photographer with clients across the spectrum of industries and interests.. Award winning work featured locally and nationally.


Adwords certified professional with years of successful campaigns under his belt. Focuses on lowering costs and driving high click through rates.

Adwords Campaign Management

Conceived, wrote and produced a series of videos and executed subsequent marketing plan resulting in record engagement (over 1 million views) with our video content. Direct effect on bottom line leads the schools received.

Written up about my video work by leading provider of software solutions finalsite.

Different Does Video Series

Facebook ad and organic marketing professional with a proven track record of results. Triple digit growth in each of his last 3 engagements. Heavy use of inbound marketing and landing pages.

Facebook Marketing

Conceived and designed award-winning website while at Avon Old Farms. Heavy use of video and imagery contributed to 300% increase in audience.

Online Content Development

Creator of over 2500 websites across a range of platforms. Expert in design, coding and content creation.

Website Design and Management

Unique ability to use all available avenues to help promote websites and to drive growth and engagement.

Search Engine Marketing    

Gifted writer with a relatable style that engages the user on a personal level and helps to create a relationship that leads to engagement.

Digital Copywriting    

Long time expert in SEO techniques utilizing up to the minute best practices and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

A data driven web expert who relies heavily on data to drive his thinking and content creation.

Google and Social Analytics

Creator of videos with record views in the private education world. Ues video with purpose and to drive results.

Video Strategy   

A big proponent of email marketing as a tool to create word of mouth marketing opportunities.

Email Marketing     

Blog Writing

Producer of short films with a focus on private schools.

Video Producer     

Photography....storytelling with a lens.
— https://500px.com/jlaperch

I've been in love with the video medium my whole life...working in the field for a long time but never really getting to create.  In the last few years I have been lucky to be able to create a number of video pieces that reminded me why I was in love.

Video Producer

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