I've been in love with the video medium my whole life...working in the field for a long time but never really getting to create.  In the last few years I have been lucky to be able to create a number of video pieces that reminded me why I was in love.

The stories highlighted on this video grew from short essays that students wrote about pivotal moments that Salisbury helped them embrace. We are proud of the boys and their candor in sharing their stories on camera.  I helped produce this video and it was used extensively during the For The Boys campaign.

A very personal chapel talk I wrote detailing my journey that led me to Salisbury.

Chapel At Salisbury was an integral part of life on the Hilltop.  I made sure to capture it each time the boys gathered.

The normal school holiday video is usually nothing more than a bad music video.  My last year at Salisbury I tried to elevate the medium by giving it some real depth.  It seemed to have worked.